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LITERATURE (tumblr litblog with texts mostly in Spanish, but also some in Chinese, English, German, French and other languages) click here to read and follow 

LITERATURA (bitácora de escritor en tumblr con textos mayormente en castellano, pero también en chino, inglés y otros idiomas) pulsar aquí para leer y seguir 

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优酷网  點擊 這裡 看更多! 


CHARIFWORLD (blog with miscellanious texts and visual stuff) click here to see and follow 


Charif not gives interviews from 2004, with a few rare exceptions and for intimate reasons (once in 2006 for Argentine television, and three times in 2013 for Asiatic press). Charif will not give interviews nevermore. Click here to see a selection of the international press.








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TWITTER (random and dead micro-blogging) click here to see and follow 

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